LUXOR A crylic Matt emulsion has been especially perpared for use by the
trade for the interior and exterior decorations of walls and ceilings. Can be
applied directly to cement rendering, brick, stone atc., in addition to plastered
and softboard surfaces. Acrylic Matt emulsion possesses excellent obliterating
charateristics and is extremely easy to apply.

1. When overcoating walls in sound condition with the same shade, the
application of 1 coat may be sufficient.
2. When overcoating a dark colour with a light shade, the application of an
extra coat may be necessary.
3. Choice of colours – for technical reasons (often dependent upon pigment
origin and type) additional coats will often be required when using shades
(particularly Bright Yellow, Greens, Oranges, Reds, – refer colour card for
details). The use of these colours should be avoided on medium and low cost
projects. Where these low opacity colours are to be used on bare plaster,
or for overcoating dark colours, the application of a first coat of pale shade
offering superior coverage is recommended.
4. Consult LUXON Technical Department for advice
5. For chemical reasons, certain dark colours offer less resistance to fading when
subjected to ultra-violet light, especially in tropical climates.
6. Consult Technical Department for further details.

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High opacity co-polymer emulsion paint with lead- free
Pigmentation. Contains a fungicide to retard mould and
algae growth.


Excellent hiding power. Economical. The porous nature of
the film allows new surfaces to breathe and dry out easily.
No primer required on new or previously painted sound




By Brush, roller or spray equipment.

Thinning & Mixing

For first coat work and for application to porous, rough or
textured surfaces, Acrylic Matt emulsion can be thinned
with clean water but overthinning should be avoided. For
spray application thin to the required viscosity with water.
Stir well before use.

Drying Times

Re-coatable in 4 hours.

Spreading Capacity

The spreading capacity of LUXOR Acrylic Matt mulsion
varies considerably depending on the texture and porosity
of the surface being coated.

Equipment Cleaner


Color Range

Available in a selected range of colours chosen from the
BS 4800 shade range and LUXOR house colours.


From our appointed distributors all over Uganda.

Pack Size

4 Litres, 20 Litres

New, Unpainted Walls, Ceilings, Etc

• Prepare surface (refer to BPC-SP 1).
• Apply 3 coats LUXOR Acrylic Matt Emulsion.
2 coats may offer complete obliteration depending on the
Colour in use and the surface being coated but 3 coats are
Recommended for maximum protection.

Previously (Matt Emulsion) Painted Surfaces In Sound Condition

• Prepare surface
• Apply 2 coats LUXOR Acryli Matt Emulsion.
1 coat may be sufficient when using the same shade over
Paint work in reasonable condition.

Loosely Bound, Unsound Surfaces (Including Walls Previously Painted With Distemper, Cement Paint, Limewash, Etc)

• Prepare surface (refer BPC-SP1)
• Apply 1 coat LUXOR Undercoat Primer.
• Apply 2 coats LUXOR ACrylic Matt Emulsion.