High quality emulsion paint with a fashionable silky finish which is extremely
tough, durable and washable. Ideal for domestic uses in kitchens, bathrooms,
stores, washing rooms and passages and particularly recommended for use
in hospitals, food processing areas, schools, hotels, etc where high quality
decoration is required
Also available in Fungicidal Quality which is recommended in coastral and
tropical/high humidity areas to combat mould growth, algae etc.

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A new formula Silk Vinyl Emulsion paint incorporating the
finest Quality pigments, and an acrylic copolymer resin.


very tough, washable finish. Attractive silk appearance.
Can be more speedily and economically applied than oilbased
eggshell paints. Low odor. Quick drying. No special
primers or thinners required.


High sheen finish


By Brush, roller or spray equipment.

Thinning & Mixing

Supplied ready for use and thinning is not necessary
except for spray application or for application to porous
surfaces. Where necessary thin with clean water but avoid
overthinning as this affect the capacity. stir well before

Drying Times

Surface dry in approximately 4 hours. Through dry and
recoatable after 16 hours

Spreading Capacity

12-14 square metres per litre when applied on a smooth,
non-porous surface. The spreading capacity will be
considerably reduced when painting rough walls and

Equipment Cleaner


Color Range

Available in a selection of poastel colours chosen from the
BS4800 shade range LUXOR house colours.


From our appointed distributors all over Uganda.Pack Size

New, Unpainted Walls, Wallboards, Softboards, Ceilings, Etc

• Prepare surface (See appropriate surface preparation
data sheet)
• Apply 1 coat LUXOR Crylic Matt Emulsion of the same
• Apply 2 to 3 coats LUXOR Silk Vinyl Emulsion.

Previously Painted Surface In Sound Condition (Matt Emulsion)

• Prepare surface.
• Apply 2 coats LUXOR silk Emulsion (see note below)

Previously Painted Surface In poor Condition

• Thoroughly remove all loose, flaking and powery
paint down to the original sudstrate if necessary.
porous walls should be primed with LUXOR Undercoat
Primer or LUXOR Penetrating Primers.
• Apply 2 coats LUXOR Silk Vinly Emulsion (see note

Previously Gloss Painted Surface

• Prepare surfaces ensure that the gloss finish is
thoroughly rubbed down to provide a key
• Apply 1 coat of LUXOR Undercoat of the required
shade (the application of water based paints directly
to a gloss finish is not recommended).
• Apply 2 coats LUXOR Silk Vinyl Emulsion.