Designed for exterior and interior use on iron and steelwork. Provides goods resistance
to heat, damp conditions and salt water. LUXOR Aluminium Piant possesses excellent
heat reflecting properties and will considerably reduce evaporation losses when used on
storage tanks. In tropical climates, corrugated iron and metal roofs on houses, factories,
etc, can be coated with LUXOR Aluminium Paint to reduce interior temperatures.

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Oil-based medium with lead-free pigmentation producing
a very flexible finish


Good penetrating properties. Provides a strong bond
between the undercoat and timner surface Wood primer
facilitates three coat System of primer, undercoat, gloss
when coating properly prepared, smooth timber.




Apply liberally and evenly by brush working well into the
surface, Laying off along the grain of the wood. Can also
be applied by Roller or Spray..

Thinning & Mixing

Supplied ready fot use but whre necessary and for
spray application thin with LUXOR White Spirit. Avoid
overthinning. Stir well before use.

Drying Times

Surface dry – 4 hours.
Through dry – 8 hours
Re-coatable – 16 hours

Spreading Capacity

13-15 square metres per litre when applied on a smooth,
non-porous surfaces., The spreading capacity will vary
considerably depending on the texture and porosity of the

Equipment Cleaner

Clean all brushes and equipment immediately after use
with White Spirit

Color Range

LUXOR Wood Primer is supplied in either White or Pink.


From our appointed distributors all over Uganda.

Pack Size

4 Litres, 20 Litres

New dry woodwork

Prepare surface (refer Data sheet PDS 2).
Apply 1 coat LUXOR wood primer.

Previously Painted woodwork

Prepare the surface and prime all bare timber with 1 coat
LUXOR wood Primer