A top quality, multi-purpose undercoat , which provides a flexible , non-absorbent
foundation for gloss finishes. Posseses excellent obliterating power and brushes deep into
cracks, filling minor irregularities. Suitable for interior and exterior use on all types of
surfaces i.e wood, metal, plaster, stone, asbestos, etc. over the appropriate primer.

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Manufactured from finest pigment and extenders
incorporated in a high quality alkyd resin medium
and drying oils.


Extremely durable. Excellent obliterating and sanding
properties, provides a sound key for subsequent finishing coat.




Apply by Brush, roller or spray.

Thinning & Mixing

Where necessary thin with Neptune white spirit to ease
brushing and for spray application. Avoid overthinning stir
well before use.

Drying Times

12 – 16 hours. Re-coated overnight under normal conditions.

Spreading Capacity

13 – 17 square meters per litre when applied to smooth, non
porous surfaces.

Equipment Cleaner

White Spirit


From our appointed distributors all over Uganda.

Pack Size

1 Litre, 4 Litres and 20 Litres.

New primed metal, wood , Plaster etc

New primed
metal, wood ,
Plaster etc
• Prepare surface as required. Apply 1 coat of
Neptune undercoat over the appropriate primer.
For maximum protection and when overcoating a
dark primer with a pale undercoat, a second coat of
undercoat is recommended.

Previously painted surfaces Unsound condition

• Prepare surface and patch prime bare surfaces
with appropriate primer. Apply 1 coat of Neptune

Previously painted surfaces In reasonable condition.

• Prepare surface
• Apply 1 coat Neptune Undercoat.

Previously painted surfaces In good condition

• Rub down with fine sand paper.
• If previous gloss or eggshell finish is in good condition
the application of an undercoat can be avoided
unless a colour change is required.