Luxor Textured coating is a tough , high build, textured coating incorporating
a mould resistant fungicide & designed for the long term exterior protection
of commercial & domestic buildings. Luxor textured can be applied to new
& previously painted plaster, cement rendering, block work, concrete stone,
bag-washed surfaces & fair faced concrete. It can also be applied to asbestos
& timber surfaces including chipboard, blockboard, playwood etc. On internal
walls and ceilings, Luxor textured coating produces an attractive & fashionable
tough coating.

The application of Luxor Texured Coating over surfaces previously decorated
with the cement, paint or lime wash is not recommended . Never apply
textured coating on powdery, chalky & flaking paint without thorough
preparation and priming.


Based on a tough acrylics co-polymer emulsion and high
quality pigments, it incorporates a variety of aggregates
& a mould resistant fungicide. Thixotropic constistency.


Unique formulation provides maximum long term
durability in the most severe tropical & coastal climates.
Attractive, high-build textured finish which will disguise
wall surface imperfections & patchiness (variation in
substrate texture and porosity) Often found on cement
rendered walls that cannot be disguised by normal
decorative paints.


Matt, high build, heavy textured finish


Luxor textured should be applied with a large (short
bristled) brush & spread evenly over an area not
exceeding 1 square meter at a time.
Once the area has been coated the surface should be
laid off horizontally with the brush & immediately
textured (within 5-10minutes of initial application) with
a special roller. Texturing should be performed vertically
with minimum pressure. Over rolling should be avoided.

Thinning & Mixing

Luxor textured coating is supplied ready for use and
Under no circumstances should the product be thinned.

Drying Time

Surface dry in 2-4 hours. Hard dry in 24 hours in normal
drying conditions. Attains maximum toughness after
several days.

Spreading Capacity

Luxor textured coating should be applied in high-build
form at the rate of approximately one kilo per squre
meter. On smooth, steel float plaster or on fair faced
concrete approximately 1-1.1kilo of product should
cover 1 square meter, on a normal wood float / cement
rendered surface approximately 1.1 kilo – 1.3 kilos of
product should cover 1 square meter. Coverage will be
reduced when applying Luxor textured coating to rough
textured surfaces.

Equipment Cleaner


Color Range

Luxor textured coating is supplied in a range of selected

Pack Size

25 Kilos


From our appointed distributors all over Uganda

New Work

Prepare surface (Refer appropriates surface preparation
data sheet)

Previously Painted Surfaces in good condition

Prepare surface (do not apply Luxor textured coating
over previously gloss painted surfaces)

Loosely Bound Surface

Prepare surface (Refer appropriate surface preparation
Data sheet) Apply 1 coat Luxor penetrating Primer.
Apply 1 coat Luxor Textured Coating.