The Saga of BPC Chemicals Ltd, began way back in 1990 with a vision to be the leading Manufacturing Company in Uganda for Decorative Paints by the Brand name NEPTUNE.

NEPTUNE. Brand is very well accepted all over Uganda and it is available in each and every corner through strong and diversified Distribution Network. With huge success of NEPTUNE. Brand we moved a step further , we launched LUXOR Brand in 2005, the PREMIUM QUALITY PAINTS which has also been accepted all over Uganda. So now we Manufacture both NEPTUNE. and LUXOR brands of paints.
The Raw Materials are being imported from well known Multinational companies to produce best quality of paints. Our factory is equipped with latest Automatic filling Machines for 20Lt , 4Lt, ½ Lt and ¼ Lt. Our Company has been awarded in 2010 TOP – 100 status in Uganda for the year 2010.
Our Company is backed up by eminent and efficient Directors who have more than 30 years experience in paints industry. Our products have been tested and approved by UNBS.
Now we are proud to introduce the latest technology in painting system. I.e Multicolor Computerized Tinting machine. We offer you more than 2000 shades in any quantity instantly. The Customer just needs to select their preferred shade and Our Multicolor System will mix the base and colors with pinpoint accuracy to give the exact shade.

[su_heading size=”16″ margin=”30″]Our Mission[/su_heading]

To provide the best quality of paints, with latest Technology at affordable Price

[su_heading size=”16″ margin=”30″]Our Vision[/su_heading]

To be the leading paint manufacturing company in Uganda and achieve maximum market dominance.

[su_heading size=”16″ margin=”30″]Our Motto[/su_heading]