BPC Chemicals Limited

Transforming Spaces with Color

Established in 1990, BPC Chemicals Ltd is a trailblazing force in Uganda’s decorative paint manufacturing and distribution landscape. Our unwavering pursuit of quality and innovation has propelled us to the forefront of the industry. With our NEPTUNE and LUXOR brands, we’ve earned trust throughout Uganda, while our advanced factory equipped with automatic filling machines ensures product consistency. Recognized as a TOP-100 medium-sized company by KPMG in 2010, we’re backed by a seasoned leadership team with decades of industry experience. Quality is our hallmark, and our paints carry UNBS-approved Q and S marks. Moreover, our Multi-color Computerized Tinting machine offers over 2000 shades with pinpoint accuracy. We’re dedicated to transforming spaces with color, making us the preferred choice for all your paint needs in Uganda.