The Leadership of BPC Chemicals Limited

At BPC Chemicals Limited, our leadership is the cornerstone of our success. Our esteemed team of directors, backed by over 30 years of collective experience in the paint industry, steers the company with unwavering expertise and vision. These leaders are not just administrators; they are the driving force behind our commitment to excellence in paint manufacturing and distribution. Their deep industry knowledge, strategic acumen, and dedication to innovation have propelled BPC Chemicals Limited to its prominent position in Uganda’s paint sector.

Under their guidance, we have achieved recognition and accolades, including the prestigious TOP-100 status for medium-sized companies awarded by KPMG in Uganda in 2010. As a customer-focused company, we take immense pride in the caliber of leadership that ensures our products meet and exceed industry standards while continuously exploring innovative technologies, such as the Multi-color Computerized Tinting machine, to enhance our offerings and provide the best possible paint solutions to our valued customers.

Who we are

BPC Chemicals Limited is a ISO 9001/2000 certified company since 2003, updated ISO 9001/2008 and again updated to ISO 9001/2015 with state of the art technology. BPC Chemicals also certified with UNBS “Q” mark. We have well equipped Quality Control Laboratory to test each and every batch of products that comes out of our factories.